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Goleman’s research indicated that Emotional intelligence is twice as important as academic or technical knowledge for success at work, for everyone not just leaders, both in terms of relationships and productivity.

This paragraph was extracted from Coaching by Performance: GROWing Human Potential and Purpose: The Principles and Practice of Coaching and Leadership by John Whitmore


I started the article mentioned an important topic that every Scrum team has to deal daily: introvert team members. If you are working with Scrum you know that every team member has to participate fully in Daily meeting (or Stand up), Sprint Planning, Sprint Review and Retrospectives because of that I dedicate a few statements in each of the ceremonies.

Daily meeting

Scrum Master has to coach every team member to request help when they are blocked for any impediment. If you have an introvert guy in your team the Scrum Master has to help him to coordinate his efforts with the rest of the team.

Sprint Planning

During this ceremony everyone has to give their technical opinion and warn about dependencies with another user stories and so on. If you have an introvert team member it is the duty of Scrum Master to coach these guys to review alone the user stories (previous to the ceremony) so then they only need to give their point of view.  Scrum Master can organise a preplanning meeting to review the user stories with introvert team members to avoid their silent in the Sprint Planning.


During this important meeting team members has to analyse their performance and other issues that happened in their last iteration so it is an obligation to participate fully for each team member. I used to work with two guys that were so quiet during these ceremonies so I suggested them to write in post-it every issue or improvement that they considered very important during the Sprint. Then when they were participating in the Retrospective they only need to show their prepared feedback.

Last but not least, the image of usual developer that works alone in a dark room is not possible in Scrum teams because Scrum teams are self-organized that means everybody has to collaborate with the rest of team and the Product Owner as well.

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Mario Lucero

Mario Lucero

I am all about helping companies to adopt agile as methodology in Chile.


I believe many organizations think that agile is not for Chilean companies because of Chilean culture is totally
different from i.e. USA culture but I worked with Chilean professionals who after using agile realized it is feasible
to implement it.

Agile works in small and large projects and there are many evidences which demonstrate this.

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