Virtual Retrospectives

I know the best way to work with Scrum teams is to be colocated but many companies have branches around the world so you have to deal with distribute teams. Retrospectives One of the most important meeting in Scrum is the Retrospective (or post-mortem as many prefer to called them). During the Retrospective team members […]


The Agile Nomad

    First of all, I strongly recommend to use physical board for using Kanban and/or Scrum. However, if you have to deal with remote Product Owners, stakeholders or team members you have to think about a virtual tool to manage your projects. As Agile Coach many clients request my recommendation for one Agile management […]


Tuleap – Agile tool

Kurt Momberg, a great developer who used to work with me asked me for an open source Agile tools. As soon as I can I mentioned about Redmine. I worked with Redmine for a while but the main disadvantage for me is you need to install in any server. At that time, Kurt told me […]


The Empathy Toy

One of my colleagues, Omar Bermudez (you can reach him at Ocbermudez [at] gmail [dot] com or Twitter: @ocbermudez, Blog: http://www.agilecafe.org Website: www.zettago.com ) suggested to me use the Empathy Toy  this game is very helpful to deal with Empathy. First of all, I would like to introduce the concept of Empathy: Product Owners against Stakeholders Every […]


Delegation Poker

Many times there is not clarity about some hard decisions that Managers has to rule and many times there are some decisions that should be delegated (of course after gaining the truth). If you have to coach managers one of the suggestions is to delegate any decisions in order to get more time to dedicate […]


Kanban tool

  As an Agile coach I have got many questions about what is the best tool to manage a virtual board in Kanban. The first idea to come to my mind is: why many people are more concerned about  tools (and processes sometimes ) instead of worrying more on “Individuals and interactions” such as one […]


Quick Scrum

A few days ago a colleague of mine suggested me to investigate about an easy Agile software which is quickscrum.com so I decided to take a look and share with Agile folks. www.quickscrum.com     This tool has many Scrum concepts that they exposed in their website such as: Product Backlog Detailed user story planning […]



                    I found TargetProcess thanks to Michael Dubakov @mdubakov who send me the URL of the website of the product. This software is focus on Visual Management so it has many tutorial videos in order to help its visual approach. The main page shows four different […]