Great Scrum Master

  Based on the suggestions from Mark Kilby (@mkilby) who strongly recommend to check the material of Geoff Watts that includes his books, Scrum Mastery. The author focus on the dilema to be a good Scrum Master or a great Scrum Master so you will find frequently with this kind of comparison. For instance: “A good […]


Fat Backlog

As Product Owner you are in charge of the backlog. There are two wrong situations that Product Owners have to be aware: Empty Backlog: if team members have no user story in the backlog they will be blocked until the Product Owner writes (and discuss user stories with team members) and add user stories in […]


How to Engage Stakeholders

Many Scrum Masters have to deal with missing Product Owners that it is really nightmare but there is a worse situation. What am I talking about it? Well, the worst situation is when the Scrum Master has to chase the Product Owner and stakeholders as well. There is a huge difference between the role of […]


Ambiguous User Story

Do you have ambiguous user stories in your backlog? Well, if this is your case you have a powerful tool to fight against it. Definition of Ready One of the first things Scrum team has to do is to write a Definition of Ready that allow team members know when user stories will be ready […]



                    This image was extracted from agiletrail.com Many Scrum team members forget about the main reason of doing Stand up meetings (I prefer to mention on that way instead of Daily meetings) that is: chat about impediments. Fortunately there are many Scrum Master such as Hector Mosquera […]


Stakeholders proxy

                    Involving Stakeholders is always a huge challenge for me so when I am lucky and I have seen them in Sprint Reviews I am happy. However, I run into many Stakeholders proxy. What does it mean? There are many managers (or Directors) that delegate the […]


Time Machine

                      As Agile Coach I run into with many UX designers that have a lot of creativity and one of them created a fantastic activity to use into the Retrospective. His name is Carlos Rivera (carlosriveramartinez [at] gmail [dot] com, Twitter: @carlosbrown; Portfolio: https://www.behance.net/carlosrivera website: www.carlosbrown.co.nf) and […]


Happy Stakeholders!!!

            Many times my clients ask when they would realise Scrum works for them. Based on my experiences and from other Agile coaches (located in different countries)  Scrum works if your clients feel happier than previous days. Clients include your internal areas (for instance a bank will develop software for […]


Bugs in the Sprint!!!

                Many times Scrum team ask my opinion about how to deal with bugs that don’t belong to the project but of course have to be fixed during the Sprint. Well, there are a couple of things that you would have to take into account. First of all, […]


Introvert Team Members

Goleman’s research indicated that Emotional intelligence is twice as important as academic or technical knowledge for success at work, for everyone not just leaders, both in terms of relationships and productivity. This paragraph was extracted from Coaching by Performance: GROWing Human Potential and Purpose: The Principles and Practice of Coaching and Leadership by John Whitmore   I […]