Why companies struggle with Scrum

        Scrum has an extensive use in project management, but its exclusive use is still not there. From business executives to developers, there is a general expectation from everyone to have understanding how to implement Scrum, but mostly few are clear about its process and thus struggle due to misinformed ideas. This […]


Feedback dating

Why a pencil dropped from my hand? There are two answers (or I have got only two responses until now). One if because I dropped the pencil. Second, because the gravity law made it possible. If you choose the first option you admit your responsibility in the fact of dropping. However, if you think it […]


User research for agile teams

An area that has been gaining a lot of attention these couple of years is User Research which is an activity focused on generating insights for product owners and project managers into what drives adoption of a tool or feature.                   For many of us that have […]


The Ownership of code

                  This image was extracted from http://phandroid.com/2012/06/21/getting-acquired-how-to-transfer-ownership-of-your-android-app-or-game/ In the traditional approach (called Waterfall) most developers never feel the owner of the code. Why did this situation happen? Because they haven’t any opinion about the technical issues related with the requirements. Business Analysts think and write uses cases (or […]


Benefits of Adopting Scrum for Software Development

Scrum is a simple and flexible software development methodology or framework. Scrum framework introduces alternatives to traditional project management systems such as Waterfall or Sequential development. In scrum we only have three roles; product owner who represents the clients or users, the scrum master who is the silent leader and the team. From my experience, […]


Pointing Poker

As you have to know if you are using Scrum for a while in each Sprint Planing you have to estimate what is the size of each user story. You can use T-Shirt or story points to give an estimation per user story. One of the common activities is to do a planning poker where […]



I know the best way to work with people is face to face and in the same building. Indeed, the best way will be that all team members will be located in the same floor. However, we have to accept that working in big companies that ideal scenario is imposible to see there. Retrospectives The […]


Virtual Retrospectives

I know the best way to work with Scrum teams is to be colocated but many companies have branches around the world so you have to deal with distribute teams. Retrospectives One of the most important meeting in Scrum is the Retrospective (or post-mortem as many prefer to called them). During the Retrospective team members […]


Using Scrum in multi geography Company

            This image was extracted from www.fivia.com There is a fact that nobody discuss: Scrum works well with co-located teams because the interaction between the Scrum team and stakeholders is crucial to the success of the project you. Indeed, it is a good advise to have Scrum team and Product Owner […]