The Ownership of code

                  This image was extracted from http://phandroid.com/2012/06/21/getting-acquired-how-to-transfer-ownership-of-your-android-app-or-game/ In the traditional approach (called Waterfall) most developers never feel the owner of the code. Why did this situation happen? Because they haven’t any opinion about the technical issues related with the requirements. Business Analysts think and write uses cases (or […]


Benefits of Adopting Scrum for Software Development

Scrum is a simple and flexible software development methodology or framework. Scrum framework introduces alternatives to traditional project management systems such as Waterfall or Sequential development. In scrum we only have three roles; product owner who represents the clients or users, the scrum master who is the silent leader and the team. From my experience, […]


Pointing Poker

As you have to know if you are using Scrum for a while in each Sprint Planing you have to estimate what is the size of each user story. You can use T-Shirt or story points to give an estimation per user story. One of the common activities is to do a planning poker where […]



I know the best way to work with people is face to face and in the same building. Indeed, the best way will be that all team members will be located in the same floor. However, we have to accept that working in big companies that ideal scenario is imposible to see there. Retrospectives The […]


Virtual Retrospectives

I know the best way to work with Scrum teams is to be colocated but many companies have branches around the world so you have to deal with distribute teams. Retrospectives One of the most important meeting in Scrum is the Retrospective (or post-mortem as many prefer to called them). During the Retrospective team members […]


Using Scrum in multi geography Company

            This image was extracted from www.fivia.com There is a fact that nobody discuss: Scrum works well with co-located teams because the interaction between the Scrum team and stakeholders is crucial to the success of the project you. Indeed, it is a good advise to have Scrum team and Product Owner […]


Scrum Five Values

                      This image was extracted from scrumtalks.wordpress.com Every time that a company call me to help with Scrum I would like to start with the roles: Scrum Master, Product Owner and Team. Then if the company hasn’t hired (or have) Scrum Master I jump to the […]


Great Scrum Master

  Based on the suggestions from Mark Kilby (@mkilby) who strongly recommend to check the material of Geoff Watts that includes his books, Scrum Mastery. The author focus on the dilema to be a good Scrum Master or a great Scrum Master so you will find frequently with this kind of comparison. For instance: “A good […]


Fat Backlog

As Product Owner you are in charge of the backlog. There are two wrong situations that Product Owners have to be aware: Empty Backlog: if team members have no user story in the backlog they will be blocked until the Product Owner writes (and discuss user stories with team members) and add user stories in […]


How to Engage Stakeholders

Many Scrum Masters have to deal with missing Product Owners that it is really nightmare but there is a worse situation. What am I talking about it? Well, the worst situation is when the Scrum Master has to chase the Product Owner and stakeholders as well. There is a huge difference between the role of […]