Why Kanban is the real Productivity Ninja

7 Ways that Kanban tackles the great Enterprise Productivity Challenge It is definitely tempting to look at Kanban through the lens of visual work, great project management or a basic ‘stickies on a board’ based management – but it is much more than that and can yield dramatic productivity improvements for yourself, your team and […]


Improving the WIP!!!

What is the biggest challenge using Kanban? As you know it is possible to implement Kanban the most difficult task is to set the right WIP (Work in Process). It means you need to put limit of your work in each column of your Kanban board.               This image […]


First Kanban

                        I couldn’t remember from when but Scrum is the trend and XP has been forgotten from Agile blogs (I don’t know why) or it is considered that very hard to implement it. What about Kanban? Every time that I mention to one client […]


Agile Virtual Coaching

                                This image is from ACI @lyssaadkins and @mspayd agilecoachinginstitute.com There are many clients that want to improve their Agile knowledge but without hiring someone for a long term because every Company is run of money time to time and of course there are professionals […]


Kanban Portfolio Boards with Kanbanize

              In the project management community, there are many people discussing the steps towards Agile Portfolio Management – many of them think that only Scrum is a viable approach. Fortunately, there is a way to implement a Kanban Portfolio Board with Kanbanize. When does this come in handy? Most […]


Using Kanbanize

              Agile is a real passion of mine. According to my wife, it is a hobby as well as an obsession. Unsurprisingly,  having a board to deal with my personal and professional tasks is extremely important to me. I started trying out many different solutions including Redmine, Jira, Agilefant, […]


Product Owner in Kanban

                          If you read books related to Kanban (Kanban by David Anderson or Personal Kanban by Jim Benson and Tonianne De Mary Barry) there is no mention about the role of Product Owner. However, what if supposed to do if you have a […]


Kanban tool

  As an Agile coach I have got many questions about what is the best tool to manage a virtual board in Kanban. The first idea to come to my mind is: why many people are more concerned about  tools (and processes sometimes ) instead of worrying more on “Individuals and interactions” such as one […]


Personal Kanban in Chile

Unfortunately, it is very unusual to meet with Agile professionals who are well known in Chile. Chile is located at the bottom of the map of South America so it is very difficult to enjoy from someone to the US or Europe. However, this week was very totally different because Jim Benson (@ourfounder) and Tonianne […]


Don’t confuse with Kanban!!!

      At my office there are many of my team member using kanbanize as its personal kanban because of that I am in touch of blogs from kanbanize. Thus I found this very interesting blog which discussed about that many people confused to colourful physical board with sticky notes. Kanban Is More Than […]