Slack to get a Continuous Improvement

I love the idea of improve as  Agile and Lean Coach every day because of that I read books, listen podcast and experiment with new activities and dynamics to push people beyond their limits of imagination. To achieve all of these tasks I need “slack” of time that I have for working as freelance. Unfortunately, […]


Agile Challenges

What are the most common challenges with agile and scrum based projects? The most common challenges that I found in the majority of the companies are: silos of knowledge, managers with the famous “Command and Control attitude” and lack of Agile  culture. “Silos of knowledge” One of the biggest challenges to deal with Agile in […]


One Word Storytelling

Considering that playing is the best way to learn I always look for different fun activities to use with teams. Collaboration is a key aspect in Scrum teams because of that I was looking for any game to improve the idea that two brains think better than one. Thanks to Paul Goddard I found this […]


The Ownership of code

                  This image was extracted from http://phandroid.com/2012/06/21/getting-acquired-how-to-transfer-ownership-of-your-android-app-or-game/ In the traditional approach (called Waterfall) most developers never feel the owner of the code. Why did this situation happen? Because they haven’t any opinion about the technical issues related with the requirements. Business Analysts think and write uses cases (or […]



I know the best way to work with people is face to face and in the same building. Indeed, the best way will be that all team members will be located in the same floor. However, we have to accept that working in big companies that ideal scenario is imposible to see there. Retrospectives The […]


The Agile Nomad

    First of all, I strongly recommend to use physical board for using Kanban and/or Scrum. However, if you have to deal with remote Product Owners, stakeholders or team members you have to think about a virtual tool to manage your projects. As Agile Coach many clients request my recommendation for one Agile management […]


Agile metrics

Managers love metrics to check and track the progress of each projects. Using Scrum managers think velocity (amount of user stories finished in the Sprint) is the metric to take into account. Furthermore, they believe that velocity is a good way to estimate how long will last a project. It means, if you have track […]


Tuleap – Agile tool

Kurt Momberg, a great developer who used to work with me asked me for an open source Agile tools. As soon as I can I mentioned about Redmine. I worked with Redmine for a while but the main disadvantage for me is you need to install in any server. At that time, Kurt told me […]


Agile Mindset Game

Many times I found clients that never heard about the Agile Manifesto but they got a full time Scrum training because of that I was looking for games that explains easily the principles of Agile manifesto. One of my colleagues Carolina Gorosito told me about a workshop that she uses regularly in each client to […]



As Agile Coach I always look for games to engage team members each other so I found this amazing and fun game that I want to share with you. This game is called BINGO!! This game was extracted by http://www.ontheagilepath.net/2015/06/great-games-for-learning-lean-and-connecting-people-lean-penny-and-bingo.html I took the following paragraphs from it. BY SEBASTIAN RADICS “Overall goal – have fun, connect people […]