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As an Agile Coach (I am working as Scrum Master for a couple of teams and Scrum Coach for several  Product Owners)  have to recommend different fun retrospectives apart for the traditional:

What was well?

What can we improve? and

Define improvements

so one of my favorite is the Speed Car but I would like to share a minor variation of it. It is called Hot-air balloon.

The following paragraphs were extracted from:

“This is a forward thinking exercise, with an eye on the past. It is a mix of retrospective and futurespective, which uncovers risks. 

Running the Activity

1. Draw the Hot-air Balloon picture in a common canvas.

2. Ask the participants to share their notes for each of the retrospective areas:

*”Let’s start by looking back. Please, write notes and place them on the following two areas above and below the balloon: Hot-air and sand-bags.”*

– Looking Back – Fire and hot air: What helps us go higher? What are the things that push us forward?

– Looking Back – Forces pulling down: Which are the forces pulling us down?

3. Ask the participants to share their notes, thinking about the future.

“Now, let’s look ahead, at the near future. Please, write notes and place them on the following two areas on both sides of the balloon: Storm and Sunny day.”*

– Looking Ahead – Storm: What is the storm ahead of us? What will have our trip turbulenta?

– Looking Ahead – Sunny day: What could we do to avoid the storm and turn towards sunny days? What shall we do to overcome the possible challenges ahead of us?

4. Group notes and discuss.


I am not a psychologist, but different people prefer different analogies. Some will prefer a balloons, others a speed-car. The important thing is to use a simple and effective analogy to get the participation and the ideas flowing. I have seen a range of similar activities. Typically they mix looking back and forward, for preparing for the future. ”

To conclude, when you have to organize retrospectives for a long time with the same team I strongly recommend to innovate to avoid boring and to get good feedbacks from the team!!!!! Go ahead on this website in order to discover more activities


Mario Lucero

Mario Lucero

I am all about helping companies to adopt agile as methodology in Chile.


I believe many organizations think that agile is not for Chilean companies because of Chilean culture is totally
different from i.e. USA culture but I worked with Chilean professionals who after using agile realized it is feasible
to implement it.

Agile works in small and large projects and there are many evidences which demonstrate this.

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