Are you an Agile tester?

If you are an Agile tester, I have good news for you because Rallydev is plenty of features that make your work easy and visible.








Why do I talk that?

Well, I am working with Rallydev and I discovered that it has many of good features to deal with tests.

First of all, you can create a Test Plan then add test cases into it.

Then when you receive a build to test you run your test cases and add a test result for each of them. If you find a defect you have to create it and link to the test case which failed. All of this progress will be showed on-line on Rallydev.

How to visualize the running of test cases?

Rallydev offers you an option named “Quality” where you can find your Test Plans and Test Cases. Indeed, you can create Custom View for your test cases so you can get only your test cases, or test cases which belong to one Test Plan, or Test cases of current iteration, or so on.

Set of Test Cases

In each iteration you should create a Test Set in order to add test cases for each user story, i.e.

User Story

As a client I want to login by Facebook so that the application knows my hobbies

Test Set

Validate access by Facebook

Test Cases

  1. Validate accessing by Facebook with user who hasn’t had a FB account
  2. Validate accessing by Facebook with user who enter wrong password
  3. Validate accessing by Facebook with wrong user
  4. Validate accessing by Facebook with good credentials of real user (successful login)

After you run each test case you have to create test result and if you find a defect you will create one and associate on failed test case.


There is another option where you can find defects found in each iteration and again you can filter by many options such as priority, severity, state, submitted and owner.

Moreover, you can group by your defects so you are available to create a Defect suite, i.e. login defects.

Last but not least, Rallydev has many tutorial videos which help you to manage test plan, test cases, test results, defects and defect suites.



Mario Lucero

Mario Lucero

I am all about helping companies to adopt agile as methodology in Chile.


I believe many organizations think that agile is not for Chilean companies because of Chilean culture is totally
different from i.e. USA culture but I worked with Chilean professionals who after using agile realized it is feasible
to implement it.

Agile works in small and large projects and there are many evidences which demonstrate this.

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