User research for agile teams

An area that has been gaining a lot of attention these couple of years is User Research which is an activity focused on generating insights for product owners and project managers into what drives adoption of a tool or feature.                   For many of us that have […]


A movie about Changing in life

Last weekend I watched a movie with my wife called “The Croods”. Did you watch it? if your response is not you should look at in Youtube and watch it. Even more, if you have kids watch with them too. Based in prehistoric times, The Croods (the family name) survived by two simple and clear […]


Slack to get a Continuous Improvement

I love the idea of improve as  Agile and Lean Coach every day because of that I read books, listen podcast and experiment with new activities and dynamics to push people beyond their limits of imagination. To achieve all of these tasks I need “slack” of time that I have for working as freelance. Unfortunately, […]


Agile Challenges

What are the most common challenges with agile and scrum based projects? The most common challenges that I found in the majority of the companies are: silos of knowledge, managers with the famous “Command and Control attitude” and lack of Agile  culture. “Silos of knowledge” One of the biggest challenges to deal with Agile in […]


One Word Storytelling

Considering that playing is the best way to learn I always look for different fun activities to use with teams. Collaboration is a key aspect in Scrum teams because of that I was looking for any game to improve the idea that two brains think better than one. Thanks to Paul Goddard I found this […]


Why Kanban is the real Productivity Ninja

7 Ways that Kanban tackles the great Enterprise Productivity Challenge It is definitely tempting to look at Kanban through the lens of visual work, great project management or a basic ‘stickies on a board’ based management – but it is much more than that and can yield dramatic productivity improvements for yourself, your team and […]



Thanks to Michał Nowostawski who is an Agile Coach that shared a free copy of his amazing book called Make Them Grow: Give Feedback People Apply                           Summary of the author He spent more than 10 years as a corporate worker. He tried hard to […]



I don’t know if you are interested in learning or practising new things time to time. As soon as we want to move to a new (or different) area (or job for instance) we need to learn new subjects. Furthermore, you should remember from school that you were good at maths (or whatever) but you […]