How to Scale Kanban Using Swimlanes

Usually, teams that start practicing Kanban begin with simple board layouts while figuring out how to make the most of the method. The beauty of a Kanban board is that it can start simply, then grow in complexity as needed over time. An ordinary beginner’s Kanban board would consist of just 3 columns (To Do, […]


Why companies struggle with Scrum

        Scrum has an extensive use in project management, but its exclusive use is still not there. From business executives to developers, there is a general expectation from everyone to have understanding how to implement Scrum, but mostly few are clear about its process and thus struggle due to misinformed ideas. This […]


Feedback dating

Why a pencil dropped from my hand? There are two answers (or I have got only two responses until now). One if because I dropped the pencil. Second, because the gravity law made it possible. If you choose the first option you admit your responsibility in the fact of dropping. However, if you think it […]


Fundamentals of the Portfolio Kanban Method

Kanban for me is a great way to use with Portfolios because of that I want to post this article that I found on Kanbanize blog. “This post was originally published on the Kanbanize blog” Have you tried applying Kanban on a large scale in your organization? If you haven’t, you are likely to find […]


The COIN model

Giving and receiving feedback is very tough task so as Agile Coach I always look for different approaches to use with my coachees. Luckily, I found this great article that explains “The COIN model”. This model makes sense for me and I want to share with you. The following paragraphs are extracted from http://hrostoski.com/2011/09/how-to-give-feedback-that-gets-results/   […]


User research for agile teams

An area that has been gaining a lot of attention these couple of years is User Research which is an activity focused on generating insights for product owners and project managers into what drives adoption of a tool or feature.                   For many of us that have […]


A movie about Changing in life

Last weekend I watched a movie with my wife called “The Croods”. Did you watch it? if your response is not you should look at in Youtube and watch it. Even more, if you have kids watch with them too. Based in prehistoric times, The Croods (the family name) survived by two simple and clear […]


Slack to get a Continuous Improvement

I love the idea of improve as  Agile and Lean Coach every day because of that I read books, listen podcast and experiment with new activities and dynamics to push people beyond their limits of imagination. To achieve all of these tasks I need “slack” of time that I have for working as freelance. Unfortunately, […]